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My scenes aren't running as expected?
Sometimes when HomeKit changes it's underlying identifiers that HomeRun uses to identify a specific scene, this generally occurs on a upgrade between beta and App Store builds, but may happen in other circumstances that are unclear. A good signifier of this issue is when you edit a grid item, it shows "Scene Settings" in the title. If this occurs, you may need to create your setup or relink your scenes to complications and so forth. Sorry for this issue, we have tickets open with Apple regarding this.
Why is the Watch app not installing?
This is an issue in recent iOS versions where a new Watch app update will not register to install correctly. Please reboot your devices to fix this issue.
Why can I not control accessories directly?
Currently HomeRun only supports HomeKit scenes as actions. In the future, accessories will be supported, we have not found the right interface for this control at this time and are continuing to work on this.
Daily Routine Shortcuts
HomeRun provides shortcuts to the Siri watch face by allowing you to select situations to show a scene. These situations are suggested by Siri intellingently throughout your day.
How can I get a refund?
If you experience a problem with the app, here are the instructions on how to request your refund directly from Apple.