HomeKit Actions on your Wrist

HomeRun enables quick HomeKit actions on your wrist. It's HomeKit like you've never used before, fast control from your Apple Watch.

Scene Grid

Lay your scenes out in a grid, making it easy to remember where and what each action is. Launch HomeRun and just tap to run a scene!


Run scenes from your Watch faces with the ability to link a complication to a scene. Customize a complication for every watch face to maximise control of your Home.

Daily Routines

Set up daily routines on your Watch with complications that switch context, icon and color throughout your day. In the morning, your complication can start your day, make your coffee, then in the evening it could turn off your lights for bed.

Siri Watch Face

Set up a routine for the Siri Watch Face by selecting specific scenes to be suggested through your day.


Customize your grid of actions to make them usable at a glance by setting colors and icon for every action.